Siberian sakura blossom

The last days we are enjoying very beautiful natural phenomenon – blossoming of evergreen shrub Rhododendron Ledebourii in the Altai Mountains. We are pleased to share with you images of this Siberian spring holiday.
Plentiful flowering happens only once a year and symbolizes the culmination of Siberian spring. During the short blooming period you will be astonished by the beauty of pink and lilac clouds of fragile petals and carpets of spring flowers such as fawn lily, anemone, and lungwort.
The end of April and beginning of May is the most popular season for tourists in Altai. Everyone wants to celebrate the beginning of new life at must-see sites of the Altai Mountains. This year the weather spoils us with summer warmth. But in previous years one will be able to witness the unique struggle of spring and winter when sudden polar vortex bring blast of Arctic air with frost and snowfalls. And, of course, the prize for this weather collapse, are unique shots of snowcapped mountains and tender petals covered by fresh snow.

You can enjoy this spring holiday in our Rhododendron blossom tour in 2021

Swan Lake in the Altai Mountains

We celebrate the beginning of winter season by arrival of swans to Altai. Several hundreds swans and over then 1,000 other waterfowl annually spend a winter in non-ice covered lakes in the foothills of Altai. This is the only one such a place in Siberia with wintering swans and that is the reason why natural reserve had been established here.

Nobody knows exact where these beautiful birds fly from. Probably they come from the Arctic sea cost of Russia. But they had been documentary noticed in Altai since the 1950th. Constantly the number of swans increase from years to year.

Every swan has its own unique beak pattern. Ornithologists come here to research them and identify the birds.

However wintering swans make our snow season incredible. Come to Altai and enjoy this natural miracle.