Dear Friends! We are happy to have you here!

We are the team of travel experts and destination specialists in Russia. Let us design your dream vacations and memorable travel to this unique, diverse and boundless country.

Travel is not just a part our business, but our passion and lifestyle. We would like to share with you history, culture and natural beauty of our Motherland, which is the land of colossal mountains, great rivers and lakes, authentic traditions and believes. We would like to acquaint you with this grandiose region whatever you wish to do there – to rest and relax, to get some thrilling-activity tour or meet indigenous people for culture experience. We will be pleased to help you to discover Russia through visiting its natural and cultural UNESCO Heritage sites in small group tours with fixed departure dates as well as during luxuty tailor made itineraries.

We do our best to satisfy you and help travel Russia.

Elizaveta Bordykova is the founder, head and heart of LB Tour

- She specializes in international tourism for 15 years.
- LB Tour was founded by her in 2016 as inbound & outbound touroperator.
- She has visited more than 40 countries by her own and with tourists.
- The adviser to the deputy of the State Duma in tourism (Moscow, Russia)

Tatiana Tikhonyuk is a key specialist of our team. The head of LB TOUR sales department

She has brilliantly graduated from Russian International Academy for Tourism  (Institute of Tourism Technology).
Works in tourism since 2004.
She specializes in counties of Latin America, the Middle East, India and Asia.
Baikal, Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Kurile Islands are also in her area of responsibility. As well as inbound tourism in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
She had been living in Buenos Aires for 1,5 years welcoming Russian tourists as DMC.

Olga Neverova for lust 8 years had organized and participated in expeditions to Altai, Baikal, India and Turkey

In LB Tour Olga works as:

  • Organizer of tours and expeditions to Altai
  • PR & SMM manager
  • Event manager in Moscow city and region: catering, private and corporate events, business events, social projects devoted to the development of tourism in Altai are in her area of responsibility

Olga about herself:
I was about 2 years old when my family moved to Altai (Barnaul) from Kazakhstan. All my childhood, parents with friends went to the mountains. We left for a week in the taiga, lived in tents and collected pine cones, sometimes we even heard the roar of bears.
And now I am “back” to Altai: with all my projects, heart, soul. If you want to visit this wonderful region, I will be glad to be your guide and organizer.”

Elena Filatova is the brain and soul of LB Tour

The head of the reception department in Altai. Qualified English speaking tour guide. Co-author of several books about Altai.
She has visited all four countries in which territories Altai is situated. She crossed Mongolia from west to east through the Gobi desert.

I love to come up with something unusual that would impress our guests. Altai is not only marvelous views and perfect service but also meeting interesting people, non-trivial stories, routs and adventures. ith assistance of archeologists you can discover new petroglyphs and secrets of ancient civilizations. Would you like to listen to the mullah singing, being late at night in an ancient mountain sanctuary in the middle of an ocean of stars? Or maybe want to enjoy life classical music at the foot of a glacier or in caves?
Each trip to Altai will be a holiday and it’s never the same.“

Pavel Filatov is the head of the active & adventure tourism department in Altai

Qualified English speaking tour guide.

The author of a dozen books about Altai and Barnaul, he has been shooting Altai mountains for about 20 years. Has won a lot of prizes and was a jury member of regional and federal photo contests (Wildlife of Russia, National Geographic Russia 2017).

He is the organizer and participant of different photo expeditions in Altai, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and the Polar Urals. Being a member of automobile expeditions he had won the championship of Russia in auto sport tourism: on the Altai-Ukok route in 2006, and along the northern and western Mongolia in 2007.


Daria Malitskaya is a qualified English speaking mountain guide

She has graduated from St.Petersburg State University as the Master of International Journalism. From the age of 17 she had been guided adventure tour groups in her native Altai Mountains, and she didn’t expect that her student hobby will grow to her main and favorite business. Daria is the leader of new LB TOUR’s destination – Kamchatka.

About herself:
“I truly love different shades of travel. For example, by car I had been driving through America, Caucasus Region, Europe, and Russia. I have been travelling alone in Azerbaijan. In Latvia I had been living with people whom I got acquainted with on the Internet. Solo-trip to Altai Mountains was one of my best & craziest decision. The geography of my tips is from Kamchatka to the USA.
Kamchatka is one of my favorite destinations. Unforgettable landscapes, pristine wilderness, colorful and unusual dreams, but also it is enigmatic and severe. Today active trips are available to everyone!”